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Underwater World Langkawi

Underwater World Langkawi is a captivating marine showcase nestled in the heart of Langkawi Island, Malaysia. This sprawling aquarium complex offers visitors an immersive journey into the mesmerizing world beneath the waves.

Spanning approximately six acres, Underwater World Langkawi is home to a diverse array of marine life, including colorful coral reefs, exotic fish species, and fascinating sea creatures. The highlight of the attraction is its massive underwater tunnel, where visitors can stroll beneath the ocean's surface and observe majestic sharks, graceful stingrays, and other aquatic marvels up close.

In addition to the underwater tunnel, the aquarium features a series of themed exhibits and interactive displays that provide insight into marine ecosystems and conservation efforts. Visitors can marvel at vibrant coral gardens, learn about the delicate balance of marine life, and even participate in feeding sessions with select species.

Underwater World Langkawi also offers educational programs and activities for visitors of all ages, making it an ideal destination for families, school groups, and marine enthusiasts alike. From touch pools where guests can interact with marine creatures to informative talks and guided tours, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

Beyond its educational value, Underwater World Langkawi serves as a vital hub for marine conservation and awareness. Through its exhibits, programs, and outreach efforts, the aquarium aims to foster a deeper appreciation for the ocean's beauty and inspire stewardship of its delicate ecosystems.

For visitors to Langkawi Island, a visit to Underwater World promises an unforgettable journey into the enchanting world of the ocean, where wonder and discovery await around every corner.

Langkawi Island Malaysia
Langakwi UNESCO Geo Park


​兰卡威拥有世界上最陡峭的缆车之一——兰卡威 SkyCab,从这里可以欣赏到岛屿和周围大海的壮丽景色。在顶部,游客可以在兰卡威天空桥上行走,这是一座悬挂在海拔 660 米处的弧形人行桥。

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