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The Facilities


Having a modest outlook, tourists might be amaze with what our resort has to offer. Although equipped with a down to earth exterior, the grand and prestige interior will put a big wow on each guest's mouth. Despite the elegantly designed interior, the services here are deemed to be at the top; where each and every request of our guests will be fulfil even before they open their room door.

The Spa

Be tranquilized the minute you set foot into the heart of our spa centre. The spa is sure to offer a calming sensation that you longed for during the rejuvenation process. Taking advantage of the natural ingredients and surroundings, hotel guests will be mesmerize with the soothing effect like no others. Acting like a natural sedative, each and every of your pampering session will be fill with good surprises that will eventually leave your body feeling relax and calm. To top things, the melodically splashing of waves will be heard throughout your indulging session which adds hype to the whole revitalizing action.


Amplify your dynamism of adrenalin rush and heart pumping actions with our specially designed fitness centre. Hop onto a treadmill to keep your stamina up, sway to the strength machine and tone that extra muscle or simply cool down with the cycling machine can leave you feeling energetic and pump up after a good workout. What's more, the buoyant environment enhances each exercising session, leaving you feeling refreshing and great at all times. So if you are craving to elevate that energy level, sweat it all out at our fitness centre.

Wedding Services

Children Playzone

Displaying a chic yet friendly environment that draws attention of children and family is the great creation of our Kids Club. In its core, all the little cuties will be amazed with the variation of activities and toys that are lying around. From the treasure hunting expedition where kids can mingle and be friends with one another, to the drawing and painting session, you will see laughing faces all day long. What's more, the awesome pool that is filled with colours balls will act as a great ground for family bonding session.


Man-Made Beach

Taking advantage of the lush greeneries that filled the surroundings; our resort crafted a stairway to a fairytale garden, somewhat like the perfect garden setting of a movie scene. Providing a portal for hotel guests to get personal with some of the most amazing and unique flora and fauna, nature lovers will definitely enjoy themselves here. From time to time, chirping of birds along with the cheeping of crickets can be heard which add heights to the whole staying experience; truly a nature paradise that cannot be missed while you are here in our core.

Swimming Pool

An awesome blue colour that is complimented with the light blue sky and the white fluffy cloud is what makes the swimming pool of our resort an amazing hang out spot. Sheltering it will be the vivid greeneries that add tranquillity to the whole surrounding. A fancy playground that consists of 3 different pools that caters for all guests from the men pool to the female pool and kids pool. Everyone get to dive into his or her own pool and enjoy himself or herself under the warm sunlight when they are here. Offering not only a great ground for splashing action, it is also great for sunbathing and relaxation.

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