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Terms and Conditions

  1. All room reservations, inquiries, amendment or cancellations please contact us at

  2. Your credit card details are required to secure for the Confirmation, your credit card WON’T be charge upon Booking confirmed, Dayang Bay Resort Langkawi will “Pre authorize” your credit card ensure it is valid to secure for the booking according to your cancellation policy.

  3. Upon Resort Front office verify your credit card and found it is invalid, expire OR any other reasons causes unable to pre authorize the credit card, We will send you email VIA : or call you to obtain a replacement credit card, so that your booking is continues reserved. If we are unable to get the response from you to provide a VALID credit card, your booking will be auto cancel within our cut off date.

  4. Once your booking has been confirmed, you shall receive our Confirmation voucher. You may present the Booking ID upon check-in at the Resort, together with proof of your identity (NRIC/Passport) at the point of check-in. The person named in the booking must be the person that will actually be staying, failing which, Dayang Bay Resort Langkawi may reserves its absolute rights to cancel/ reject the room or it shall request the person named in the booking to be present during the check-in.

  5. Your room will be held for your arrival until 1800 hours on the day of your scheduled check-in - after which the booking will be deemed canceled, unless resort is informed by writing email to

  6. For multiple bookings, in the event the guest fails to check-in on time at the booking date, we may, with sole and absolute discretion, shall accommodate a new guest to the Resort villa for the remaining booking terms without any further notice given to the guests. Upon that, the previous booking will be deemed canceled.

  7. Upon check-in, you will be required to provide your credit card for verification/ or pay a deposit for your stay. At the time of check-out at Dayang Bay Resort Langkawi your deposit will be returned to you (minus (if any) any amount deducted for the above damage and/loss of Dayang Bay Resort Langkawi).


Confirmation Details
  1. During the booking process, should the type of room you require not available, then an alternative one will be displayed subject to the availability. At all material times during your booking process, please ensure that your booking reflects exactly as per your requirement i.e booking dates, room types, room rates, number of guest(s) etc in proper manner, failing which, we shall not be responsible and/or liable for your booking.

  2. Guest(s) are not allowed to bring in to the Dayang Bay Resort Langkawi as per the followings :

    • no pets, livestock.

    • any non-prescribed drugs, flammable liquid, bio hazard, heavy machinery.

    • any electronic/electrical appliances which may interfere or obstruct with the Resort's computer network/systems.

    • any pillows, bed sheets, duvets.

    • any kitchen utensils for cooking purpose.

    • any other items which may disrupt directly or indirectly our Resort operation or interrupt other guests' stays in our Dayang Bay Resort Langkawi.


Dayang Bay Resort Langkawi operates on a strict arrival check-in and check-out policy.


Check-In Time:

1500 hours onwards

Earlier Check-In:

1400 hours (subject to availability)


Check-Out Time:

1200 noon

  1. For Amendment / cancellation, please contact

  2. Any amendment of arrival dates / number of room(s) of your booking MUST be done 14 days before your scheduled check-in date. Group booking (5 rooms and above) are required to notify us of your amendment at least 30 days in advance by writing email to us.

  3. If amendment made within 14 OR 30 days prior to your scheduled check-in date, Resort reserves the rights to reject your amendment requests. All the amendment of dates, number of guests, number of rooms, number of nights are subject to prevailing room rates and additional charges may apply.

  4. Free Cancellation policy: Whenever your booking falls on our “Free cancellation Policy” You are required to notify us in writing email to at least 10 days before your scheduled check-in date. Otherwise a cancellation fee of your 1st night rates will be charged.

  5. Any changes regarding the date, room category, duration of stay of your booking will require you to cancel your initial booking and re-book your stay with the Resort.



Free Cancellation

No Charges impose up to 10 DAYS prior to guest scheduled check-in date. Guests allow to cancel / amend according to " AMENDMENT AND CANCELLATION" policies as stated at above.

Non Refundable

The total room charges of the reservation(s) will be charged on the day of booking and is non-refundable and no amendment.


No Show

Failure to to present in the Resort WITHOUT notify Reservation on the check-in date, Bookings will deemed as "No Show", Total room charges will be charged.


Dayang Bay Resort Langkawi reserves its absolute rights to commence any legal action or proceedings against the guests in relation to any damages incurred to the rooms or to the property while in the premise. Dayang Bay Resort Langkawi also reserve it's absolute rights to charge the credit card of the said damages incurred to the rooms or to the property without any notifications and if such costs of damages are unable to recover fully from the credit card, Dayang Bay Resort Langkawi shall commence a legal proceedings against the guests without prior notice.


Dayang Bay Resort Langkawi reserves its absolute rights to refuse accommodation to any person(s) without any notice and may terminate the booking or stop any event immediately without being liable for any refund or compensation under the following circumstances (but not limited to) where:-


  1. such action is deemed necessary for reasons of safety or security; concern any unlawful activities, disturbance or which cause public nuisance which will affect the comfort of the other guests of the Resort.

  2. Your conduct, status, age or physical condition or the physical condition of your luggage is deemed such as to, (i) may cause harm, discomfort or (ii) involve any hazard or risk to yourself or other persons or to our property.

  3. You have committed misconduct on a previous stay and such conduct may be repeated.

  4. The applicable rate or any charges or taxes payable have not been paid, the payment of your room rate is fraudulent (i.e. using a fraudulent credit card), the credit card by which you paid for the rate has been reported lost or stolen; the booking is counterfeit or fraudulently obtained.

  5. The booking of our Resort room(s) has been done fraudulently or unlawfully or has been purchased from a party not authorized by us.

  6. The booking has been altered by anyone other than us or our authorized agent or has been tampered with or defaced (in which case we reserve the rights to retain such booking documentation); and/or

  7. You do not register as the person stated on the booking or the person checking in cannot prove that he is the person named as per the booking (we reserve the rights to retain such booking documentation in such circumstances).

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